Sunday 29 March 2020

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We are living in difficult times that seriously impact our industry and I am not one to make light of a pandemic or any severe health or economic crisis. However, if you are like me, you still want to read, see or hear some optimistic news on the topic. So, lets start with these comments as we head further into the uncertain future.

The first is a timely analogy from history which is non-disease related but would havebeen just as concerning and fear causing, probably moreso than our current COVID-19 fear and the second is a very short but encouraging reminder from aexperienced hotelier.

1. Historical Analogy: The book The Splendid and The Vile is a recent publicationby a terrific author (*see note) and it deals with what must have beenno what was an unbelievably discouraging time in the very early stages of WW2. The period is June 1940 tJune 1941 which is before the US entered the war. The French who had the strongest army in Europe were teetering on and then did collapse. The English under the newly elected Prime Minister Winston Churchill were supporting the French with whom they had a mutual protection pact. Already that had not been working out well as you may recall or know from the recent movie Dunkirk

Churchill had expected the French to withstand the Germans and both France and England desperately wanted US support. The US electorate were essentially isolationists i.e. let Europe sort itself out  we Americans dont want to be involved. Roosevelt had not decided if he wished to run for an unprecedented third term and was both fully aware of and wary of his country’s citizens anti-involvement desires.

So  to the analogy!
1. Youre Churchill
2. The French have just capitulated to the Germans.
3. The Americans cant be counted on for anything
4. The Germans with their superior troops and technology can set up across the channel for bombing and an invasion. (Only 21 miles or 33 km)
5. You can expect Panzer tanks crashing through Trafalgar Square.
6. You have images of paratroopers landing in your garden.

When one thinks about it  the possibilities are phenomenally disastrous.
No off work self-isolationno quarantine 14 days or more, nhealth test check,
not just yourself to worry about ---- BUT the entire country. Can you imagine the anxiety and fear?

And how did it ultimately work out? Germany was defeated and England and the Allies were victorious. But in the summer of 1940, there was only a blank wall withunbelievable odds and a lot of rampant fear. By comparison the current pandemic issueas serious and frightening as it is and can/will be in the near future its nowhere near the seriousness and frightening as what England was about to go through in 1940.

2. So, to put this in perspective, herethe this too will pass so be careful but not too fearful comment by a hotelier friend to whom Ive sold several properties one of which is in the Rocky Mountains. He has seen his share of crises and heres what hsent me: 

We have experienced and survived (i) SARS, (ii) Swine Flu (H1N1), (iii) Mad Cow Disease, (iv) Y2K (planes falling out of the sky, internet crashing) (vForest Fires, (vithe 2008 US and World Economic Crisis, (vii9/11 and expected terrorism(viiiavalanches (at his mountain hotel) (ix) pipeline disputes and (x) even often upsetting elections
So, of course, we will get through this covid-19 as well.

Final thought. The 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic which hithrough the end of WW1 was followed by what?The Roaring Twenties. I full expect us to have a Roaring Twenties as we recover from this pandemic AND I don’t expect that it will be followed by a 1930s style depression.

So please be careful and use all of the safety measures with your loved ones, your guests and customers and of course yourself. Until the next time.

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*Author Eric Larsen, the authordoes tremendous research and has a terrificengaging cant put this book down writing style. His books include: Dead Wake about the sinking of the Lusitania, In the Garden of Beasts about Hitlers Germany from 1933-37 thru the eyes of the US Ambassador at the time, among othersall very compelling reads.

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